Billing Information

Financial Aid


A 2007 state law limits what hospitals in New York can charge patients with limited incomes and no health insurance coverage. The law also regulates how hospitals can go about collecting payments from such patients.

Financial Aid Poster


This poster (translated into many languages) is for hospitals to post prominently on their walls in their public areas. Facilities can fill in the fillable pdf with their phone number and/or location so patients can seek information about obtaining financial aid assistance.

Surprise Bills Law


In 2015, the "Emergency Medical Services and Surprise Bills" law, commonly referred to as the "Surprise Bills Law", was passed to protect consumers against unknowingly receiving care from out-of-network providers and facing surprise medical bills. Hospitals and diagnostic & treatment centers (D&TC) are obligated to disclose their out-of-network providers or health plan networks participated in to their patients or prospective patients prior to scheduling non-emergency, outpatient procedures.